Back to the 90s, Umbro/MTV launch rave range

Back to the 90s, Umbro/MTV launch rave range

Consumers old enough to remember the acid house/rave days — and those discovering it for the first time — might like UK sports brand UmbroMTV

Umbro x MTV

Tracing a path back to Umbro’s home city of Manchester, the Umbro x MTV collaboration “celebrates a time when working class kids, football fans, and students came together in disused warehouses, abandoned office blocks and country fields to rave together to a single unifying beat”.

For SS23, they revisit the ‘Second Summer of Love’ with a collection that combines casual sports-inspired silhouettes with a range of graphic prints and colours inspired by the period’s rave scene.

1990’s visual markers include a fusion logo, intertwining the Umbro and MTV logos alongside a warped allover checkerboard print. Fabrics also nod to the ‘90’s with a shell suit-inspired nylon crinkle plus a polyester fabric “which has been a long-time go-to for Umbro kits and training wear”.

In keeping with the oversized and androgynous aesthetic of the time, silhouettes throughout are slightly bigger for a genderless fit.

Hero styles include: the Coach

The Umbo x MTV collection also extends into footwear and accessories with items such as sneakers and caps ranging from £18 to £80.

Featuring in the new collection’s campaign is Manchester band Porij, musically inspired by the same era.

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