Julia Fox’s Leather Trench Coat Almost Had Us Fooled

The Age of the Cutouts is still going strong, and Julia Fox is making the case for bringing the trend to the coat game.

Stepping out in Los Angeles recently, the Uncut “Jyeahms” star looked a little Matrix-y (or rather, dominatrix-y) in thigh-high black leather boots, black leather gloves, and a black leather floor-length trench coat with pointed shoulders to create a striking silhouette. Her makeup was unusually subdued (and very pretty, in my opinion), complete with bleached eyebrows, which is also becoming a high-fashion thing for some reason.


Never one to play it safe, Fox turned around to show that the back of the coat was completely cut out, revealing a black leather miniskirt and tie-back bralette underneath.

The coat, unlike the gems…very cut.


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