New York-based brand S.K.U tests Los Angeles market with the opening of two stores

New York-based brand S.K.U tests Los Angeles market with the opening of two stores

Over the past few weeks, S.K.U, Save Khaki United, a lifestyle brand founded in New York in 2006 by David Mullen, has been making waves on the Eastside of Los Angeles, with the almost simultaneous opening of two boutiques in the Atwater and Silver Lake neighborhoods.

S.K.U California has opened 2 new pop up stores in Los Angeles

After opening a store in Venice, L.A in 2015, followed by two boutiques on Lafayette Street and Greenwich Avenue in New York, the S.K.U brand is now returning to Los Angeles. “The Eastside has more of a New York sensibility,” explains Mullen. “We thought our modern basics would resonate with locals and visitors alike. Since we’re a small company, we’re slowly going through all the steps with these two ephemeral boutiques to test the market.”
On Sunset Boulevard, in the Silver Lake district, the S.K.U boutique focuses on the S.K.U California collection, with a large ‘Made in California’ sign on its façade. “S.K.U California is our interpretation of modern California living,” adds Mullen, “a textural collection with hand-dyed colors that are extra faded and sun-kissed complemented by a selection of items like mugs, matches, swim shorts inspired by a California outdoor lifestyle.” 

David Mullen, founder of S.K.U

At 315 Glendale Boulevard, in the Atwater district, the S.K.U brand offers two sections. “The front is our main S.K.U line, stocked with modern basics that have been a proven staple of our brand,” explains Mullen, “and the back space is an atelier that will house rotating concepts and collaborations.”
Already distributed in some 30 outlets worldwide, from Parisian concept store Merci

S.K.U Summer Spring 2023 collection

From the outset, S.K.U. has focused on production in the USA, winning over its public with collections made from washed and dyed cotton. “We keep a close eye on new developments in washing techniques and dyeing machines, and hope to adopt them as soon as they become available to us,” says Mullen. “Sustainability is an ongoing process, and we are committed to continuous improvement. Wherever possible, we opt for locally grown, organic, recycled and regenerative fibers. The majority of our products are made from 100% cotton, a biodegradable and recyclable material. That said, our first priority is to make clothes that customers will love and wear for years to come.”
After long focusing on men’s wear, S.K.U launched its first women’s collection this week. “Additionally, we are reimagining our ‘Home Work’ collection which boasts 100% American made unisex workwear for fall 2023” concludes Mullen. 

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