Kylie Jenner Just Wore Her Most Un-Kylie Outfit Yet

After years (yes, years) of covering the goings-on of Kylie Jenner, I can safely say that her outfits almost always fall into one of four categories. The first is “dressed up,” which is when she wears a cocktail dress. The second is “workout,” which is when she wears athleisure. The third is “bikini,” which is when she wears a bikini. And the fourth is “Met Gala” which is when she goes to the Met Gala.

And yet…a new unexpected type of Kylie Jenner Outfit has emerged this summer, one I never saw coming. Sure, in June she played around with “quiet luxury” dresses, but that was really just a more daytime version of her “dressed up” wardrobe. No, this groundbreaking new area of Ky’s Kloset is…

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