Sheer Dresses Were Literally Everywhere at the 2023 VMAs

You know that phrase, “Leave something for the imagination”? Yeah, we’re done with that. Sheer dresses have been having a red carpet moment for a minute now, and at the 2023 VMAs, the see-through look positively took over. Megan Thee Stallion took lingerie-inspired fashion to the next level with a sheer black corset gown. Karol G took the naked dress and made it nakeder with a transparent skin-colored lace dress. Doja Cat’s cobweb dress barely used fabric at all.

Arguably one of the grandmothers of sheer red carpet couture is Gwyneth Paltrow, who practically caused an international incident with her visible nipples on a 2002 Academy Awards red carpet. The fact that Paltrow’s sheer black Alexander McQueen gown became so “infamous” in the early 2000s that it made headlines when her daughter Apple borrowed it two decades later seems almost quaint now. These days, everyone from Allison Janney to Emma Watson to Ciara has gone nearly naked on the carpet.

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