Jennifer Lawrence Just Broke

Jennifer Lawrence claims she wasn’t trying to make any kind of statement when she wore flip-flops on the Cannes red carpet, but she keeps breaking fashion rules! Does she have an agenda? Or is she so style agnostic that she doesn’t know she’s doing it? Either way, J.Law always pulls off whatever “style no-no” she embraces, including, yes, those Cannes thongs.

Just a couple months after pairing socks with sandals—a controversial combo favored by frat boys—the Hunger Games star stepped out in a black tank and navy blue slacks. Not only super dark given the August heat in NYC, but technically…once upon a time at least…navy blue with black was verboten. We didn’t make this up just to be annoying! It’s a thing. Ask your fussiest aunt. (You’re also not supposed to “mix metals”—there’s a whole John Mulaney bit about this—or wear black and brown leather together, just FYI.)


Ma’am, is that a kitten heel?


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