Jennifer Lopez Made a Thirsty Purchase for Ben Affleck While Wearing Some Unexpected Summer Shoes

As it turns out, Jennifer Lopez’s high-fashion standards don’t necessarily apply to her husband. According to one small Hamptons shop, the couple recently dove into the cringe-mall-shirt trend with a particularly thirsty message. Hey, if Kendall Jenner can rock a “J’adore Cowboys” baby tank, what’s stopping Affleck from running to  Dunkin’ Donuts in his new “Woke Up Sexy as Hell Again” T-shirt? 

On August 2, Flying Point Surf and Skate shared an Instagram post from its latest celebrity walk-in. According to the store’s social media account, Lopez and Affleck picked out the aforementioned T-shirt during a recent visit, though they shared only a photo of the pop star posing with the lucky employee. I have to assume Affleck was behind the camera, performing his Instagram-husband duties to the best of his abilities. 

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