FGF Industry wants to grow in the German market with Blauer USA and Ten C

FGF Industry wants to grow in the German market with Blauer USA and Ten C

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The jacket market is growing worldwide – as well as in the DACH region. Enzo Fusco, founder and president of FGF Industry, plans to continue to profit from this. The parent company of Blauer

Enzo Fusco – Blauer USA

Exports are a huge part of Blauer’s business, accounting for 37% in 2022 for the core brand and 40% for Ten C. The licensing business accounts for around 13 million euros.  

“With a turnover of around 10 million euros per year, Germany is our most important export market and is second only to Italy in terms of importance. We have more than 200 customers on the German market, a number that grows every season, and they are all important to us. Our goal is to consolidate our strength with existing customers who have trusted us for years, and at the same time to attract more and more customers to join the large Blauer USA family,” said Enzo Fusco in an interview with FashionNetwork.com

Looking ahead to 2024, Fusco wants to further expand the distribution network in Germany and establish Blauer as a brand that offers full outfits. The brand is already split into different lines: Fushion, the sportswear line, which includes hybrid jackets and aparel and Parachute, the outerwear line inspired by uniforms and the military, which includes parkas, trench coats and bomber jackets, jumpers, shorts and more. There is also a workwear line as well as an eco line.

FGF-Showroom – Blauer USA

The progressive label Ten C is also to continuing to grow and develop. For Fusco, the label is “the wunderkind of FGF”. “We take care of it down to the smallest detail. For us, Ten C stands for elegance, high quality, historicity and exclusivity,” said the company founder. 

With its footwear, Blauer USA will be present at PremiumGmbH

FGF plans to grow in all segments, and not only on the German and Italian markets: “I firmly believe that we have sufficient growth potential in all markets,” says Fusco.

Blauer USA will be at Premium Berlin in July with its footwear – Blauer USA

“Our position as market leader in our target segment in the outerwear category has been established for years, but in recent seasons we have developed Blauer USA as a brand that offers full outfits. We will be focusing on this more and more, both in the products offered for the coming seasons and in our communication activities.” But one can “rest assured”, Fusco’s first love remains jackets and he will continue to follow the development of the collections himself.


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