Adidas unveils Z.N.E. collection for its key new Sportswear label

Adidas unveils Z.N.E. collection for its key new Sportswear label



The label’s new drop will debut on 27 June (although it’s just launched for early access) and is dubbed the Z.N.E. collection. 

It’s comprised of “comfy and relaxed fits built with innovative materials including Aeroready technology and four-way stretch fabric for maximum comfort”. 

The collection of hoodies, trackpants, tees and shorts, “offers a minimalist and distraction-free design”, that the company says is “ideal for everyday and fan centric occasions”.

The Adidas Sportswear offer was created to be a third mega-label for the sports giant, complementing its Performance and Originals labels and being its strongest recognition to date that what was once active sports clothing is now everyday-wear for a massive number of consumers, particularly the young. 

It “aims to level up the wearer’s everyday look via a range of fresh fits that use the latest performance technology to bring the same comfort and confidence to the everyday, as its performance collections have been for athletes, for decades”.

The new drop continues this. It was “born from sport worn for style” and “transforms the iconic performance-first Z.N.E. silhouette into a range of everyday wardrobe staples”.

That means “comfortable, distraction free co-ords designed to serve the next generation of fans, ahead of an exciting summer of sport and music”. There’s a direct deep sports link via the PremiumWorld Cup

But overall, we’re talking about pieces that span both sports and lifestyle and could be worn by those who never go near a gym, track or field.

The supporting campaign brings together Ortega with actor and model Hoyeon, Lioness and Manchester United star forward Alessia Russo, Germany’s footballer and Olympic champion Melanie Leupolz, Minnesota Timberwolves record-breaking shooting guard Anthony Edwards and actor David Yang. 

Tricia Shumavon, VP Product Apparel at adidas, said: “With the Women’s World Cup on the horizon, fans across the globe will be coming together to celebrate their national teams, so we set out to create a range of looks that keeps their fan experience comfort-first. 

“Even beyond sport, we know that there are a range of occasions where people just want to relax and feel comfortable, so this collection of everyday looks is built to provide exactly that, all whilst keeping style front of mind this summer.”

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