Pedro Pascal’s Met Gala Shorts Are Now Iconic

For my sins, I’m one of those all-year-round kinda guys when it comes to wearing shorts. No matter the weather or the occasion, I’ll always find a way to stop my legs from sitting inside some clammy ill-fitting slacks and instead opt for a comfy, breathable pair of above-the-knee shorts. So what? Sue me.

I’ve argued to the nines with people who insist that my legs must be cold or that I’m doing it for attention, but now when such a conversation arises, as it inevitably will, I’ll pull out my secret Pedro Pascal card, that’s after The Last of Us star rolled up to this year’s Met Gala showing a bit of leg.

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Dripped head-to-toe in Valentino, the 48 year old became an instant Met Gala icon as he paired some black tailored shorts with military boots, a bright red overcoat, and schoolboy socks, not to mention his new slicked back barnet and strong mustache look.

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Pascal and his shorts were one of the few menswear highlights of an evening which, on the whole, was a pretty safe affair — especially when compared to the womenswear.

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Nevertheless, this is another feather in the cap of Pascal’s menswear journey, which has been on a rapid transformation over the last 12 months.

Two months ago Highsnobiety unofficially formed the Pedro Pascal Appreciation Society™ after he attended a photocall for season three of The Mandalorian clad in a sublime head-to-toe Acne Studios look, that so soon after the beginning of his cardigan chronicles.

Pascal’s rise in the world of menswear has been pleasant viewing for everyone involved, but wearing shorts to the Met Gala? Pascal is peaking.

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