Mayoral owner Indumenta Pueri boosts dividends by 43% in 2022

Mayoral owner Indumenta Pueri boosts dividends by 43% in 2022

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The family-owned holding company Indumenta Pueri, owner of the children’s fashion brand Mayoral

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According to the figures accessed by the newspaper Expansión from the Mercantile Registry, these dividends were distributed as follows: 18.07 million euros came from their Spanish listings, and 11.54 million euros from foreign listings.

It is worth mentioning that this result was achieved despite the fact that the Domínguez de Gor family group reduced its stakes in listed companies by 6.7% compared to the previous year, with a total value of 1.057 billion euros. The stakes increased by 10.5% in Spanish listed companies but contracted by 40% in foreign companies.

According to the economic newspaper, Indumenta Pueri distributed a dividend of 9.14 million euros to its shareholders last year and has rewarded the owning family with approximately 63 million euros in recent years. The group holds interests in companies such as Miquel y Costas (14.65%), Adolfo Domínguez (8.54%), Opdenergy (6%), Audax (5.88%), Laboratorios Rovi (5.05%), CAF (5.02%), Unicaja (5%), Faes Farma (5%), Global Dominion (5%), among others.

In 2021, the group achieved significant milestones, adding Boston to its portfolio of brands in May and Hug&Clau in July.

The company, which employs 1800 workers, expects positive growth in 2023 and plans to “increase sales through the opening of commercial subsidiaries in new countries, expand the network of agents in countries with growth potential, open its own stores, and enhance online sales,” as detailed by Expansión.

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