These Robes Will Have You Living in Comfort and Style

Best Robes for Men

These Robes Will Have You Living in Comfort and Style

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There’s nothing “urgent” about a robe. If you’re wearing one for any significant period of time, it’s likely that you’re not in a rush to be anywhere, and you’re kind of just hanging out and enjoying your day. 

But robes are not just for post-shower toweling off. Oh no. Robes can also be worn while lounging with a nice cup of coffee on a slow morning, or kicking back on the laziest of Sundays — or any days, for that matter — with some Netflix and your favorite takeout delivered to your door. (Bonus: Your robe will save you from accidentally answering the door pantsless and freaking the hell out of your UberEats driver.)

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Robes lend an almost luxe experience to the mundane, and the plushest among them will have you feeling like you’re wrapped in a cloud. And when the weather is cold, the combination of cozy warmth and convenience is absolutely unmatched. However, robes for men can also give off a little air of badassery — but in the most nonchalant, “devil may care” kind of way — and can actually be quite stylish. After all, if it was good enough for Hugh Hefner, Picasso, and “The Dude” Lebowski, who are we to disagree?

So if you’re ready to add this key piece to your loungewear lineup, read on for our favorite robes for men, and how you can pick the best robe for your needs and wants.

What to Look for When Buying a Robe

There are lots of options out there when it comes to robes for men, so let’s jump into what you should look for to narrow things down:

  • Material. You can find robes made from a wide range of materials, from terry cloth to Turkish cotton to silk, but the best choice for you will really come down to when and why you want to wear your robe. For example, if you’re looking for a robe to lounge in after a shower or a dip in the hot tub, you’ll want something absorbent but also really comfortable against bare skin, such as terry cloth cotton. On the flipside, you may be looking for a robe that’ll add some warmth or a luxe feel to quiet evenings and weekends, like something plush or silk-like. You might even look for a GSM (grams per square meter) rating to determine the fabric’s density; the higher the number, the more dense — and warm — it will be.

  • Length. You’ll probably want your robe to be long enough to cover your, ahem, “bits,” but you also don’t want to be tripping all over it. Something that hits around the knees would be a good choice for most men, but you could even go a little longer — maybe mid-calf — for some extra warmth.

  • Color and Style. Once you find a robe that will fit and feel comfortable, then you can narrow your options further by thinking about style. You can find solid-colored robes in just about any hue you can imagine, and patterns like plaid and stripes. And, if you’re opting for a more luxe fabric — like silk or satin — you may even encounter some really beautifully detailed designs to up your at-home relaxation game.

  • Extras. Robes are typically pretty simple creatures, but most will come with a self-tying belt and pockets for your convenience. Some even come with a hood.

At this point, we should all be quite unashamed in the fact that we like to be as comfortable as possible when we’re hanging out at home. Home is our space to let go and let loose, and the loungewear we select should accurately reflect that idea of slowing down for some regenerative self care. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best robes for men, whether for warmth, toweling off, or simply lounging in style.

Best Robes for Men

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