Hailey Bieber’s Corseted Mugler Minidress Is All About the Details

Hailey Bieber has landed in London to celebrate the UK release of her beauty brand, Rhode. On Monday night, ahead of the launch, she was seen with husband Justin at the Chiltern Firehouse—a spot they frequent when in the capital—wearing one of her tried-and-tested outfit formulas.

She regularly gravitates toward black minidresses, sheer tights, and pumps for date-night outings, a combination that she wore yet again at the Chiltern. While Saint Laurent and 16Arlington have supplied Bieber with her LBDs in the recent past, this time she opted for a corseted vintage Mugler style—unique for its sculptural neckline and velvet accents. True to form, she styled it with low-denier hosiery and simple heels, with her cherished Le 5 À 7 bag over her shoulder.


These days, Hailey Bieber often wears minimal makeup and focuses on making her skin glow. “From a young age, the idea of looking after my skin was instilled in me,” she recently told British “My mom and grandmother both had strong interests in skin care, so I grew up in a home where creams and beauty products were frequently discussed.” 

Her other beauty flex? Individuality. “In today’s culture, with social media, it’s easy to look at other people and compare yourself to a certain standard,” Bieber said. “But I feel that individuality is beautiful and so important. And I’ve struggled, at times, with holding on to my own individuality. Ultimately, it’s okay to have those feelings of self-doubt; everyone goes through it. Just remember that you’re not alone.”

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