Serena Williams’s Custom Look for the US Open Had Over 400 Diamonds in the Sneakers Alone

When Serena Williams walked onto the court at the US Open in Flushing Meadows, New York, on August 29, there were audible gasps. The crowd wasn’t just taking in the sheer presence of the 23-time Grand Slam tennis champion in the final tennis tournament of her career, but also Williams’s sparkling and shimmering form, covered in crystals, all the way up to her curls.

For her first US Open 2022 look, Williams wore a custom black Nike set she designed herself. Inspired by dresses worn by figure skaters, it featured a gem-encrusted bodice with a starry detail evoking the night sky over Arthur Ashe Stadium stadium and a tulle skirt with six layers to symbolize her previous US Open wins. 

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