Kate Moss Said Yes to the Sheer Dress, No to the Bra

Supermodel Kate Moss is taking the sheer dress to its logical conclusion: essentially, nakedness. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that! Men get away with vis nip (that’s visible nipple—spread it around) all the time. And Moss has never been one to shy away from sexy, revealing looks. Good for her, etc.

Attending a Diet Coke party* (what is that? Can I go to one? Please?) at the posh London restaurant Annabel’s, Moss looked like a hot sparkly fashion wizard. She paired black heels and black panties with a shimmery, gossamer dress that dips nearly to her navel, revealing a few necklaces. She carried a silvery clutch and topped the whole ensemble off with a black cloak that is giving He Who Must Not Be Named. Madam Malkin is shaking. Is there a wand in that purse? I’d believe it.

Ricky Vigil M

This is an elegant, grown-up twist on a classic Kate Moss look. At the 1993 Look of the Year contest party, the model wore black panties and a shimmery see-through slip dress (it was a whole thing!), though back then she went makeup-free and wore flip-flops. Ah, youth.

Dave Benett/Getty Images

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