Peace Out Founder Enrico Frezza Is Creating a Safe Space for Acne 

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When it comes to acne, breakouts can make anyone feel insecure. For Enrico Frezza, founder of skin-care brand Peace Out Skincare, struggling with acne and hyperpigmentation made him feel a constant roller coaster of emotions. After hours spent in skin-care aisles looking for products that work, Frezza became frustrated with the lack of effective offerings and transparency in ingredients. The now 31-year-old decided the best way to tackle his acne was to create his own line. 

“When I was a teenager around 14, my acne started getting out of control,” he tells Glamour. “It was a lot of cystic acne and it came out of nowhere. I started taking everything over the counter, tried to treat it, and that didn’t work. Eventually I started taking antibiotics and saw dermatologists, and that didn’t work. I was a really extroverted kid, and as soon as I got acne, it made me an introvert. Nobody in my family or my group of friends had those kinds of breakouts. I felt really insecure.”

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