It’s Sherpa Season: Here Are 10 Pieces That’ll Make Winter Suck Less

I’ll wholeheartedly admit that I’ve made being born and raised in Los Angeles one of my main personality traits. So when I moved to the PNW a couple years ago, let me tell you—I was in for quite the culture shock. The lack of $18 celebrity-sponsored smoothies is devastating (I miss you everyday, Erewhon) and the amount of times I’ve genuinely had to tell people I sadly don’t know anyone famous is unreal (I did have a convo with Tyra Banks in a coffee shop once, though, and I’ll never shut up about it). But above all else, the fact that there are actual seasons here is still the most brutal change I’ve encountered, and going full-blown sherpa mode is a whole new world for me.

My “falls” and “winters” have always consisted of 75 degree weather and sunshine, so a couple of frumpy sweatshirts and barely there blankets in the back of my closet were pretty much all I needed for the six days per year (that’s still being generous) it actually gets cold. So, I’ve recently been on the hunt to find the coziest and cutest sherpa finds in the game that’ll keep my “I start shivering if it dips below 65” self warm and cozy, and after some intensive research, I think I’ve gathered the best items for the job. From an LA gal taking this whole seasons things day by day, here are 10 picks that’ll keep even the coldest girlies warm in style:

seavass slippers

SeaChange Slide Slipper

I knew that finally snagging a pair of high-qual slippers was a must for my cold girl era, and this pair from SeaVees hits all the marks I could dream of. With an extra comfy fleece footbed, soles built for both inside and outside wear, a design made from 100 percent recycled materials (hot girls help our planet), and an official stamp of approval from our other editors, it’s the one little luxury I’m adding to my cart STAT.

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Cozy Sherpa Snap Sweatshirt

It’s giving polar bear in the best way possible. The metal button detailing on this super chic pull-over adds a subtle “it looks like I’m trying harder than I actually am” touch, and its secure pockets will keep all your on-the-go must-haves safe and sound.

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Altar’d State

Sherpa Sling Bag

Sherpa jackets, sherpa pants, sherpa slippers…might as well throw in a sherpa bag to complete the look, right? This cross-body bag is perfect for a no fuss option to make sure you stay both cute and organized all winter long.

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West Elm

Cozy Faux Shearling Throw

Once I started living somewhere where it’s actually cold everyday, I quickly realized that investing in a nice blanket is 100% necessary and very much worth it. It needs to hit all the marks just like this West Elm option: baby soft, ultra-warm, doesn’t leave lint everywhere it touches, and of course, is a cute decor piece. I never thought I’d be this into talking about a blanket, but I guess that’s true adulthood.

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West Elm

Cozy Faux Shearling Pillow

To add the cherry on top of your sherpa season decor, snag the blanket’s matching pillow to create the ultimate comfort zone of your home. Personally, you’ll almost never catch me outside of my apartment when it drops below 60 degrees with this blanket pillow duo. My phone is on DND indefinitely as I ball up on my couch (in style, obviously).

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Teddy Sweatpant

You might as well just shove all your jeans to the back of your closet now, because you’re gonna want to be living in these ultra-cozy pants from here on out. Their sleek look and flattering fit will easily help you get away with it, too. Normalize wearing sweatpants to the bar in 2023.

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Sherpa Round Ottoman

When I first started my hunt for sherpa pieces, I started with clothing, then broadened the search to accessories, stumbled into decor, and when I thought it couldn’t get any better…BOOM. Sherpa furniture. A stylish and soft ottoman is perfect for adding a cozy touch to your home for winter without committing to a large, more permanent furniture piece (I don’t hate the concept of a sherpa couch, though…but I digress).

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Lands’ End

Cozy Sherpa Mittens

During my first winter in the PNW, it was 30-something degrees one day, and my hands were so numbed by the cold that when I pulled my phone out of my pocket, I couldn’t grip it properly and it fell to the pavement cracking the screen. I wish this was a joke. Don’t be like me—invest in cute handwear ASAP.

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Joplin Cozy Jacket

On those days and nights where I do decide to brave the cold and hit the town, a jacket just like this one effortlessly pulls together a cozy chic fit, and I still feel as though I’m bundled up in my bed. It’s a win-win situation, ladies.

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Oversized Sherpa Floor Pillow

Not enough couch space for all your guests when it’s your turn to host a night in? No problem—the ground of your living room is about to be a hot commodity for prime sitting room with this clean-look, super comfortable floor pillow.

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