Salma Hayek, Queen of the Aspirational Swimsuit Shot

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Everyone’s favorite swimwear influencer is back with a late contender for the best celebrity vacation snap of the summer. That would be Salma Hayek, who never makes us feel an ounce of jealousy for her tropical locale. It’s simply enough to see her refreshing and motivational approach toward bikini selfies. Shoulders back, kaftan proudly open—the actor’s latest post declares she’s ready for the week ahead, whatever it throws at her. She looks nothing short of phenomenal.

There’s a certain alchemy to Hayek’s poolside photoshoots that make them so enjoyable. One part bombshell, two parts cheeky, Hayek knows she looks good, but she doesn’t take herself seriously. No one needs another Instagrammer sharing their gym routine or itsy bitsy Blumarine ’kini. Instead, Hayek gives us a look at her real vacation style: no makeup, swimwear that’s actually supportive, and accessories that suit her style rather than following the latest trends. At age 55 she knows what works for her, and that inner confidence speaks volumes.

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Save for some pictures of Hayek dancing on the tables of a yacht in a purple two-piece (major), which you can see below, this summer has been quieter on the vacation content than usual. Maybe that’s because Hayek has been in work mode promoting her latest projects. It seems she and her husband, François-Henri Pinault, have squeezed in a trip before show season starts and she becomes the impeccably dressed other half of one of fashion’s most powerful men. (Pinault is the chairman and CEO of luxury fashion group Kering.) 

It’s now, when Salma Hayek is surrounded by nature, that she looks her most free and confident. With sea-salted hair and freckled skin, Hayek is an advertisement for taking time out to reconnect with yourself. If this is 55, bring it on.

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