Why Was Everyone at the Golden Globes Dressed for Prom?

And the class of 2023 prom king and queen goes to…Golden Globes host Jerrod Carmichael and Gucci-clad guest Julia Garner! We jest. But the first ceremony of awards season 2023 had a certain Midwest dance hall feel to it. We were a long way from Tinseltown, Toto.

Some pulled off the tropes of high school style with grade-A results. Eddie Redmayne, for example, looked fashion forward, rather than end-of-year formal, in his chocolate-brown satin-trimmed Valentino suit, complete with a bulbous corsage budding from his lapel. With a sheer crewneck instead of a shirt and pooling trouser hems, Redmayne was top of the class when it came to paring back the froth and fantasia of prom night. 

Eddie Redmayne in Valentino

Photo: Getty Images

Sigourney Weaver in Saint Laurent

Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Sigourney Weaver, too, looked achingly chic in a draped black Saint Laurent gown cinched with an inky posy at the chest. Full marks for the 73-year-old for following Vogue’s modern guide to corsages that come Carrie Bradshaw–approved.

Jerrod Carmichael

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Julia Garner in Gucci

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Then came the quivering wave of marshmallow-colored looks, from Seth Rogen’s sugar-sweet Dior Men suit with its pastel pink bow tie and cummerbund to Elizabeth Debicki’s Barbie-dream Dior dress, featuring a sweet bow affixed to the strapless (obvs!) bodice and Garner’s sequin-dappled Gucci ruffles, which echoed the youthful frivolity of prom. 

Ayo Edebiri in Rosie Assoulin

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Britt Lower in Bach Mai

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Opera gloves—the height of sophistication at 16—were present and correct, thanks to The Bear actor Ayo Edebiri’s pale blue Rosie Assoulin confection comprising a crop top (bonus points!) and color-contrasting yellow gloves, and Britt Lower’s drop-hem Bach Mai ball gown teamed with leather elbow dusters. While we expected the Old Hollywood eveningwear trend to fizzle out after a couple of years of opera chic, the hard-working accessory lived on outside the limousine-lined Beverley Hilton.

Hannah Einbinder in Carolina Herrera

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Seth Rogen in Dior Men with wife Lauren Miller

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Peplums (check out Michelle Yeoh’s midnight-blue sequin Armani Privé), ’50s silhouettes (Hannah Einbinder played it cutesy in Carolina Herrera), and costume jewelry (hi, Rihanna in Cartier) also punctuated a playful red carpet that suggested Hollywood is either having a midlife crisis or just feeling very nostalgic. 

The Golden Globes 2023 was always going to be a curious one, with its controversy-tainted past, but the red carpet welcomed an eclectic mix of individuals finding their fashion footing—rather, you could say, like high school itself. 

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