Hailey Bieber Put a Sassy Twist on Spring Pastels in a Matching Miniskirt and Crop Top

We’ve all come to know (and adore) Hailey Bieber’s everyday wardrobe, which strikes the ideal balance between streetwear and Parisian chic. When it comes to her evening attire, she favors an arresting look, such as the black lace lingerie-inspired ensemble she wore to Doja Cat’s birthday party last year, or that bright pink Versace autumn-winter 2022 minidress. Most recently Bieber turned up the heat to mark the launch of her beauty brand, Rhode, in Canada.

At a dinner party to celebrate, the 26-year-old model and beauty mogul served up an ensemble that sits squarely in the risqué category. The outfit—crafted from a spring-ready baby-blue wool and courtesy of Laquan Smith’s autumn/winter 2023 collection—consisted of a bandeau and a matching asymmetrical miniskirt, topped off with an oversized double-breasted coat with exaggerated lapels. 

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