Allbirds opens first store in Charlotte

Allbirds opens first store in Charlotte

Sustainable lifestyle brand Allbirds

Allbirds opens first store in Charlotte. – Allbirds

True to the brand’s sustainable roots, the new 2,964-square-foot space was made of natural materials in replacement of petroleum-based synthetic fibers, while displays around the shop call attention to the merino wool, Sugarcane, tree, and other materials that its products are made of. 

Located at 100 West Worthington Avenue, the store also evokes the natural world, with custom wood try-on chairs and displays, and uniquely shaped mirrors. Finally, customers can also find the carbon footprint of each product clearly displayed throughout the store. 

In a nod to the local Charlotte community, the store opened on Wednesday with Eastern Grey Squirrel Laces, Northern Cardinal Bird Wooden Pins, and Carolina Lily Flower Tote Bags celebrating the North Carolina state wildflower. 

Throughout the year, the store is expected to host local events in partnership with local community members who have joined their Allgood Collective program. 

The location marks the brand’s 36th globally, with locations across North America, Asia, and Europe. In December, Allbirds announced strong Q3 results with net revenues surging 33 percent year-on-year and reaching $62.7 million. 

In 2019, Allbirds became 100 percent carbon neutral through a self-imposed carbon tax, and in 2020, the brand began labeling all products with a carbon footprint.

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