Portuguese design competition Sangue Novo saw reinvented silhouettes and fabrics

Portuguese design competition Sangue Novo saw reinvented silhouettes and fabrics

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As in every edition of ModaLisboafashion week

Maria Clara – ModaLisboa

Young fashion designer Maria Clara, originating from the island of Madeira, distinguished herself by showcasing a collection inspired by myths and legends from her own land. Escaping a reality in which the fashion industry “pollutes and disposes tons of clothes daily”, her sustainable lineup counted on asymmetrical dresses, embroidered with dozens of safety pins responsible for adding a punk edge to the garments. Having previously formed part of fellow compatriot Constança Entrudo’s design team, Clara’s unique patchwork skirt as well as her beaded, studded, and chain details earned her a double recognition by Sangue Novo.

Winning the popular vote and endowed with 1,500 euros, she received the United Colors of Benetton

However, Middlesex University graduate in fashion design, Filipe Cerejo, emerged victorious, winning the ModaLisboa x PolimodaBoth

Ivan Hunga Garcia – ModaLisboa

Among the other presentations from the event, Abrantes-born designer and model Ivan Hunga Garcia

Meanwhile, art enthusiast Maria Curado presented her collection entitled ‘Truth or Dare’.

Deconstructed denim overlays and chiffon fabrics took center stage in the lineup characterized by nets and seaweed enveloping the models. Last but not least, the designer who finished his studies at the Soares do Reis art school in Porto, João Viana, upheld the concept of nudity of his brand Veehana.

Bodies were displayed through games of textures and intertwined fabrics, at times structured, in a color palette ranging between grays and nudes, while a bold splash of red painted a pair of semi-transparent pants. 

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