The Lycra Company partners with Browzwear

The Lycra Company partners with Browzwear

Sustainable fiber and technology solutions firm the Lycra

Lycra company partners with Browzwear. – Facebook: Lycra

The partnership will provide designers using VStitcher and Lotta, the pioneering platforms for 3D fashion design, the ability to develop products incorporating fabrics containing Lycra and other sustainable fibers.

In particular, designers can digitally create activewear, denim, swimwear, ready-to-wear, and intimate apparel fashions using fabrics showcased in the Lycra Brand Materials Library. All the materials with digital versions in the Lycra Brand Materials Library can be sourced directly from one of 15 global mills initially featured on Browzwear. These materials have all been tested and certified by The Lycra Company, ensuring they contain the company’s authentic fibers. 

“At The Lycra Company, innovation is in our DNA, and we constantly look at new ways to create value for our mill customers, brands, and retail partners,” said Julien Born, CEO of The Lycra Company. 

“Digital transformation and sustainability offer opportunities, but also stretch our approach to innovation as fast and meaningful advances in those areas cannot be achieved alone. By teaming up with Browzwear, we are taking an important step in that direction, with the goal of ultimately changing the way the apparel industry will engage and interact digitally to optimize the sourcing of high-quality fabrics that extend garment wear life and reduce the need for samples.”

The Lycra Company has been pioneering a multifaceted digital transformation since last year when it launched the Lycra One customer portal, an online marketplace connecting brands, retailers, and garment makers to a global network of partner mills in a virtual capacity. 

This partnership also advances the Lycra Company’s sustainability commitment, as creating digital garments via Browzwear streamlines the production process and reduces the need to manufacture samples, thus reducing waste. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with The Lycra Company and enable our users to leverage its well-known performance fibers to better incorporate them into designs, faster, easier, and more sustainably. Our Fabric

“We believe this partnership will drive positive impact throughout the industry by helping brands and retailers to operate a more sustainable, efficient development process.”

Looking ahead, the Lycra Company said it will continue to work with Browzwear to add new resources to the materials library as they become available.

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