Elite World Group appoints Michelle-Marie Heinemann Scaglia as director

Elite World Group appoints Michelle-Marie Heinemann Scaglia as director

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Elite World Group is expanding its board of directors to three members, with the arrival of entrepreneur Michelle-Marie Heinemann Scaglia as a new director on Wednesday April 12. She now sits alongside Paolo Barbieri, the group’s CEO, and Silvio Scaglia, who in parallel is taking on several decision-making roles as chairman of the board.

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American entrepreneur, artist, socialite and classical pianist, Michelle-Marie Heinemann Scaglia has been piloting Old Fashioned Mom, a hybrid New York label combining public relations, distribution and media, since October 2014.

At the same time, this New York University graduate led philanthropic actions for organisations such as the NGO Utterly Global Youth Empowerment or the association Blankets for Warmth, which she founded in 2005, and which distributes blankets to disadvantaged people living on the streets of Manhattan.

Changes in the organisational chart

“I am very pleased to welcome Michelle-Marie Heinemann Scaglia to the EWG board. Her experience, impeccable credentials and impressive track record as a multi-talented entrepreneur and artist will be extremely valuable additions to the board’s skill set,” said her fiancé, Silvio Scaglia.

The Italian businessman, who has been chairman of Elite World Management Group since December 2011, is now at the helm of the company under the new operating principles announced on April 12. Silvio Scaglia will assume the forecasting functions that were performed by the nomination, remuneration, strategy and communication committees of Elite World, which owns Elite, The Society, Women, Women 360, Supreme and EWG Management modelling agencies.

These appointments and changes in the group’s organisational structure echo the decision of the Supreme Court of the State of Delaware, eliminating any possibility of appeal by the former CEO and member of the board of directors, Julia Haart. The designer is also the ex-wife of Silvio Scaglia.

Founded in Paris in 1972 by John Casablancas and Alain Kittler as Elite Model Management, the group, renamed Elite World in 2019, subsequently exported to major capitals and metropolises around the world.

The network of agencies has trained models such as Cindy CrawfordGisele Bundchen

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