Latest Adidas Spezial x Liam Gallagher sneaker to launch this month

Latest Adidas Spezial x Liam Gallagher sneaker to launch this month

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First announced in late April, the official launch date has only just been revealed.

Gallagher has long been known as an Adidas fan and has a close friendship with Spezial founder Gary Aspden. The new collaboration follows on from the launch of the original LG SPZL shoe back in 2019.

So what do we get with the new sneaker? Adidas said it blends “the timeless elegance of classic archival styles with the artist’s inimitable perspective, the new shoe is a true celebration of heritage and musical legacy”. It “extends a nod to the original LG SPZL shoe as the silhouette combines inspiration from archival Adidas Squash and Indoor models”.

“Exploring ‘shades of whites’ and contrasting material choices”, the shoe features a chalk-white nylon upper, with a grey and white EVA die-cut midsole and a rubber outsole. A number of tonal details give texture, including light grey flocked stripes, an asymmetric suede overlay on the toe box with a matching suede overlay on the heel and an asymmetric rubber toe guard.

The German sports giant’s Adidas Originals’ classic Bluebird Pantone

Each pair also has custom packaging, a box sticker referencing the original 2019 shoe release (which also pays homage to vintage Adidas boxes), and an ‘endorsed by Liam Gallagher’ hangtag.

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