080 Barcelona Fashionâs 30th edition to celebrate circular fashion and technology

080 Barcelona Fashion’s 30th edition to celebrate circular fashion and technology

Translated by

Nicola Mira

080 Barcelona

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“The Catalonian government is keen to promote product reuse and second-hand fashion. It seems to us that 080 has the visibility to convey this message and increase awareness,” said the director of Catalonian trade and fashion consortium CCAM (Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda de Catalunya), speaking at the event’s presentation on Monday October 10.

The head of the Catalonian Waste Agency, Isaac Peraire, said: “Most garments are thrown away without being recycled, and that has a high environmental cost. That is why, with the [Catalonian] authorities, we want to give visibility to initiatives such as that of recovery hubs, the source of the clothes that will be presented at the show.”

It is in response to this that 080 Barcelona Fashion, led by Marta Coca, will host a new runway show called ‘Reborn’. It will present a collection created exclusively with garments recovered from textile waste sorting hubs and second-hand clothing stores, like those of the Humana charitable foundation, hand-picked by fashion designers Fermin+Gilles. The sole aim is to give a new lease of life to second-hand garments and promote circular fashion.

Back in physical format after four editions featuring pre-recorded shows, 080 Barcelona Fashion will be held at its habitual venue, the Sant Pau Art Nouveau complex.

The organisers have indicated that the event will showcase 23 labels, among them Catalonian runway veterans like Custo Barcelona, Lola Casademunt by Maite, Simorra, Txell Miras

In addition, the LR3 label will feature again with a format designed to be closer to digital technology than a classic runway show, presenting a “pioneering digital experience” blending “the physical and the virtual” at a separate pavilion during the event’s four days.

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