Mango expands in Asia with a new store opening in Singapore

Mango expands in Asia with a new store opening in Singapore

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The Barcelona-based company is expanding in Asia. With over 10 points of sale in Singapore, after integrating four former franchise stores in April, Mango

Interior of the brand’s New York flagship store – Mango

With a surface area of 500 square meters, the new space retails the brand’s men’s, women’s and children’s collections. It is the brand’s first location in the continent to be designed under the Mediterranean inspired store concept called “New Med

Mango first landed in Asia in 1995 with store openings in Singapore and Taiwan, and now operates over 450 points of sale in the region, including its own stores and corners in department stores. 

In addition to these openings, the company opened stores in countries such as the Philippines, China, Thailand and India, which, according to several international organisations, is set to become the third largest consumer market in the world within the next five years. Mango currently boasts 68 stores in India. The brand also operates its own online channel and is available for sale on various marketplaces.

“We are celebrating our thirty years of international expansion by reinforcing our commitment to the Asian continent, one of the most important markets in the company’s internationalization strategy and one in which we want to continue to grow in the future,” said Daniel Lopez, director of expansion and franchises at Mango.

The company’s expansion plans are not limited to Asia. Mango has recently re-entered two countries, Cameroon and Morocco. The brand has also been expanding its international footprint, and has announced the opening of four new stores in Italy, thus consolidating its presence in the European market. 

Similarly, Mango has continued to expand in North America with new store openings in Florida and it has launched an ambitious growth plan in Canada and inaugurated its first flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue

Founded in 1984, the company expects to close 2022 with around 270 new stores worldwide, reaching almost 2,600 points of sale internationally. Currently present in 115 markets, Mango recorded a 25% increase in turnover in the first half of its current fiscal year, totalling 1.21 billion euros.

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