The first magazine of the future has now landed in the metaverse

The first magazine of the future has now landed in the metaverse



Fancy a culture fix in the heart of the metaverse? Such is the promise of Red-Eye magazine, a new media outlet launching in the worlds of both Web2 and Web3. Accessible via a website or via the Spatial metaverse — depending on which version you choose — this magazine of the future is on a mission to revolutionize the way we access information.

The metaverse is full of surprises, it seems. After fashion shows, concerts, exhibitions and even weddings, virtual worlds are now embracing journalism. Gloria Maria Cappelletti, an Italian creative director and editor specializing in fashion, the arts and technology, is now the editor-in-chief of Red-Eye, the first magazine that seeks to blur the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds, reports Women’s Wear Daily (WWD).

The magazine, which has just been launched, is available both through a website and a space in the Spatial metaverse. Not surprisingly, it deals with these new virtual worlds with a focus on fashion, beauty and music, judging from the first sections available on the more traditional web platform. In the metaverse, it is possible to navigate through different rooms that focus on a specific article, report or initiative, while the Web2 version allows readers to discover a host of articles and interviews on different themes. Tommy Hilfiger

And users will no doubt be called upon to contribute in some way to the development of this new kind of magazine. “I want the project to be participatory, which is the baseline of the whole metaverse experience,” Gloria Maria Cappelletti told WWD.

Among the first topics covered in the web3 version is a partnership with Afro Fashion Week Milano to highlight the “Tracing Identities Through Fashion Photography” exhibition, which can be discovered on Spatial — after having created your avatar and got to grips with how the metaverse works, of course. And that could prove a stumbling block… You might need time to spare if you’re not yet familiar with these new virtual worlds which, let’s face it, aren’t always easily accessible to all — including older users. That’s something we already experienced with the first Metaverse Fashion Week.

In its Web2 version, the magazine, which is still in its infancy, will indeed help readers to better understand this universe, which seems to be developing at high speed.


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