Revolve partners with Muus Collective

Revolve partners with Muus Collective


Revolve partners with Muus Collective – Revolve

As part of the partnership, Muus will create a fashion-centered Web3 mobile gaming experience where consumers can engage with digital playable renderings of select fashion and beauty items from Revolve and FWRD. The experience is expected to launch in 2023. 

“Revolve has always been at the forefront of transformative eCommerce,” said Michael Mente, co-founder and co-CEO of Revolve.

“Today, digital fashion is on the rise, and mobile gaming is the fastest-growing form of media on the planet. In 2021, 49% of mobile gamers worldwide were women and there were a staggering 83 billion mobile game downloads worldwide, according to Especially considering the emerging excitement for virtual fashion, we are thrilled to partner with Muus to create an elevated, gamified e-commerce experience that spotlights our latest collections and puts the consumer front and center.”

GGP recently announced $5 million in seed round funding for Muus. Together, GGP and Muus want to work to advance diversity in gaming, Web3 and fashion.

The Muus founding team is women-led and members are gaming and fashion/beauty industry veterans who worked at and with fashion brands, including Bottega VenetaAgent ProvocateurCalvin KleinMonique Lhuillier

“Revolve is a trailblazer in the fashion industry with an incredibly loyal community,” added Amber Bezahler, co-founder and CEO of Muus. 

“Through our partnership, players will connect with their favorite brands from Revolve and FWRD, and engage with trends through a gamified shopping and styling experience, collectible assets, and deep social interaction. The platform will serve as a fashion playground, empowering players to become their own tastemakers by providing tools for creative expression, peer-to-peer engagement and social sharing.”

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