Columbia-owned Sorel moves to Washington

Columbia-owned Sorel moves to Washington


Columbia-owned Sorel moves to Washington. – Sorel

The new headquarters will be housed in an exclusive single-use building on the Columbia Sportswear Company’s Washington county campus. It was previously located in a historic building in Downtown Portland.

The Sorel headquarters is expected to provide room for the company’s growing team and resources, as the company expects to expand further over the next 3 to 5 years. Likewise, it will equally enable Sorel to continue attracting industry-best talent.

“This is an exciting and indicative moment for our brand,” said Mark Nenow, president of Sorel. “We thrive on shared creative energy to drive design, marketing and distribution of amazing function-first fashion footwear. All for our unstoppable consumer. Everything emanates now from Sorel’s new headquarters home.”

In July, Columbia Sportswear announced revenues for the first half of the year 2022 increased by 12%. In particular, Sorel is expected to hit $220 million in revenue this year, due in large part to the strength of its women’s business.

“When we purchased the Sorel brand in 2000, it was a small Canadian company renowned for its men’s winter work and snowboard boots,” said Tim Boyle

“Now, it is a rapidly growing female-first brand creating exciting and differentiated products from sandals to wedges to sneakers to boots. It’s an amazing story and a testament to the creativity and drive of Sorel’s employees.”

In addition to the Columbia brand, Columbia Sportswear Company also owns the Mountain Hardwear

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