Americana Menswear Brand Yony Debuts Store at Culver City’s Platform Shopping Center

**Culver City, Calif.**—Yony, the emerging Americana-inspired menswear brand, has debuted its first store at Los Angeles’ Platform shopping center..

Yony, which launched in 2021 by designer Johnathon Nguyen, is known for its relaxed, elevated approach to menswear, blending classic Americana silhouettes with contemporary details and sustainable practices. The brand’s collections feature a range of pieces, from tailored suits and shirts to casualwear, knitwear, and accessories..

The new Yony store in Culver City occupies a 1,500-square-foot space on the ground floor of the Platform shopping center, located in the heart of Culver City’s arts and entertainment district. The store features a clean, modern design with exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and vintage furniture. The space is designed to create a welcoming and immersive shopping experience for customers, showcasing the brand’s latest collections and offering personalized styling services..


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